Do you treat every single student of yours the way you would like your own child to be treated in class? - Qu. from fellow Math teacher. Before becoming a mother, I didn’t think i did. I couldn't imagine how someone could treat ALL their students the way they would their own children. When I... Continue Reading →

Open letter to Ms. P***

Dear Ms P***, I’m writing this open letter to say thank you. *Thank you for being a math teacher. *Thank you for being our head of year for 5 years. *Thank you for being one of the main reasons why I became a teacher. You may be thinking; “but hold on…I didn’t even like you... Continue Reading →

UAE National Day 🇦🇪 

So, my daughter finally met my students last week during national day celebrations. It felt like I was introducing a very important person in my life to very important people in my life. I really wanted them to get along. You see, my daughter cares very little about most people that give her attention. She's... Continue Reading →

Teaching #goals

For the last 2.5 months, since school re-opened, my students have been fighting tooth and nail for me to teach them.  You see, I've taught most of these boys since the middle school opened, and all they know is me, and they finally enjoyed maths, began to comprehend it and even excel in it beyond... Continue Reading →

Lighting the bulb!

New faces, over-sized uniforms and fresh trims! Everyone’s trying to look slick. But they’re not alone, because I’ve also bought a new outfit specifically for today. Day 1 of 200: I remind myself – I’ve got this…this is my space! 5 foot 2.5” but I walk like I’m 6 foot. Kids are confused. Staring at... Continue Reading →

Male vs Female teachers

I feel like teaching is easier for men. Don’t shoot me just yet! I’m speaking from a secondary school teacher’s perspective. I’ll explain why.   I feel like female teachers get more stick from the students than male teachers do. Students respect a male teacher so much quicker than they do a female teacher. It’s... Continue Reading →

Public Speaking 🙊

Sitting in a salon getting my nails done. The aim was to relax. Yet, all I could think about was the presentation I had to hold tomorrow afternoon. That’s after 4 lessons back to back. "Meet the parents/teachers." You’d think I’d be ok with public speaking. Considering I’ve been standing in front of my classroom... Continue Reading →

Fake it till you make it (Part 1)

Generally, when I have something on my mind. I can’t shake it. It’s there. It’ always there. It affects what I do and how I respond to situations. This has always been the case with me. All adults have bad days at work. Whether that be due to sleepless nights, stress, health problems, family matters... Continue Reading →

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