About me…

I’m not much of a reader – I wish I was, but I do write and I am good at explaining a situation and making you feel like you were there. Which is what brought me to the blogging world.

So, about me….

I’ve been a secondary school Maths teacher going on 8 years, mostly in London. I recently relocated to the UAE to do the exact same thing, by the beach. (I really did make that sound so appealing. I actually live by a camel race track).

During my time in London, I picked up several responsibilities, including training beginner teachers, mentoring, behaviour management, literacy representative, leading a maths department in a small school and running a programme I knew nothing about before picking it up. I led a very demanding but rewarding role liaising and working alongside big world known organisations, charities and universities (which I cannot name for obvious reasons) offering tutoring and guidance to a selected number of students in my school. This role also consisted of me running around, playing hide and seek with grown children hiding from me behind goal posts (seriously?!), in the toilets (so original!), and the medical room (that’s a new one), because they didn’t want to meet their mentor or guidance counsellor!

I did this along-side my teaching role, which meant that paperwork was doubled, stress was over-flowing and I had to remain professional at all times because I’d meet with people in their suit and ties during their lunch breaks! (What a bore! Oh how much I preferred working with kids). Although, I did get a walkie-talkie (radio) which was fun!

It’s fair to say that I’ve been quite fortunate in the support I have received throughout my teaching career thus far. First and foremost from my family (my parents to be precise) and Lord knows a teacher needs support from his/her family or immediate circle. To be fair, I could have told my dad I wanted to be an astronaut and he would have still been supportive. It’s not that he wanted me to be a teacher (He saw the doctor in me as soon as I was born apparently…psshht. I also have a BA in Accounting & Finance which meant that my bank balance would have been sooo different, but instead I chose; Maths, bacteria-infected bratty kids and wannabe gangsters) but he knew teaching made me happy and so he did what a father does best. My mum paved the way for me in many different ways – with the aim that there’d be no obstacles ahead of me. Firstly, by letting me know that the sky’s the limit. Secondly, by using her ways to strengthen my mind and heart in preparation for the real world. She made life easier for me as I was never asked to do any chores, just so I wouldn’t have to use that as an excuse for not doing well at school or work. (That meant I never cooked or did any chores until I was 21 – even then, I did it on my own accord). Except once, when mum went on holiday when I was 19 and dad wanted food similar to mums and I thought “surely it can’t be that hard to cook?!”. Let’s just say, I tried and dad asked me to get back to my studies 🙈 

FYI: I can cook very well now ☺️️

My husband was my critique. He played the role of my employer when I had interviews, my instructor when we had ofsted, my students when I was a beginner teacher and my mentor when I needed to bounce ideas. My brothers heard my stories countless times and still showed interest as if it were my first time narating it. To be fair, I think I started the teacher fever in my family – you’re welcome, guys!

Not forgetting to mention my teaching mentor (A.S.A) who has never let me down, till date. He saw potential in me from the moment I walked into his classroom and stood in front of his students, and has remained an excellent form of support to me, even as an established educator. It’s amazing what age and experience can bless you with: wisdom. I for one, have been blessed to have wise people around me whom I am endlessly learning from. No matter how successful i have been in the several years I’ve been a teacher, i remind myself that i have a long (very long) way to go to reach the standard and goal that i have set myself – to be anything like my mentor.

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