Teacher mum 

Fleeky eyebrows & B-O vs Smelly Nappies
People always say they feel sorry for my kids. Apparently, teachers are the worse to have as parents – your kid gets no break.
Excuse me???
Now I’ve got way more experience in teaching teenagers than I have in being a mum of a toddler. Being a teacher doesn’t help me being a mum. Nor does being a mum help me be a teacher. (Or maybe it does, to be honest I don’t know). It just means that I have 30 over grown toddlers I look after until 3.30pm, and then go home to my own real toddler with the same tantrums – just less swear words!
But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Other than the smell of B-O, Lynx and Weed combination. I also wouldn’t mind never seeing a badly caked face with the wrong colour foundation, 5 layers of MAC lipstick and eyebrows on fleek combination.
Other than that, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. 
To be fair, I also wouldn’t mind never having to smell or change an exploded nappy again.
But I wouldn’t trade her for the world neither!

Being a teacher mum is tiring. It’s flipping incredibly tiring. 
Let me tell you why.
When you’re pregnant and about to have your own kids, what is one of the most common things you’re told leading up to birth and even afterwards?
‘’Your child is your priority now. Everyone/thing comes second to him/her. Even you!’’.

Which is natural I guess. We do it without a second thought.

When you become a teacher, you know what advice you get?

‘’Your students are your priority. They come first, even before you’’.

I get that. I really do.

As a parent, who else is going to make your child a priority?

As a teacher, whom parents have entrusted their child in your care, how can you not take that responsibility seriously?

That’s all well and good for your kids and your students. But what about you? 

(I don’t even go on toilet breaks! I sometimes go without breakfast &/or lunch, not to mention lack of sleep and over time)

Teacher mums never switch off. Never. 24/7. (Yes, even during the holidays! – but that’s for another blog post)
They’re always on call. 
They’re always on standby. 

They’re always thinking what needs to be done or the next steps. 

What if this? What if that?

They’re almost never their own priority.

Yet, I wouldn’t trade it in for the world.
I won’t lie, the moment I became a mum, I questioned my career choice. I thought about whether going back to an office job (which offered more than my teaching salary at the time) or my initial career choice of being an accountant (the salary is a no brainer) would be better for me as both seemed less physically, mentally and emotionally simultaneously draining. A job that just did what it was supposed to do – bring the paper home. For shopping trips and fine dining of course!
I kid.

When asked about going back to work, new mums usually say (non teachers); 
‘’It’s like having a break from the reality of being a mum’’ 

‘’I needed some mental stimulation’’

”i needed adult conversation”

‘’To be honest, I just want to feel normal again’’

“Being back at work felt like I was finally doing something for myself”

“Being a working mum is stressful, but I feel like work is my free time”

This in no way is a negative thing. We all need and deserve a break sometimes. Especially mums!
However, some often don’t get that pleasure. Ie. Teacher mums! When most mums go back to work for some ‘adult company’ or ‘a break from nappy changing, pureed foods and cartoons’, teachers go to work and deal with 30 bigger versions of their own kids – all at once!

But I wouldn’t trade it for the world 
(maybe a few extra zero’s at the end of my paycheck)
Salute to all you underpaid, undervalued, but over worked and over stressed teacher mums!

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