Schools out for the summer! 🎼

”Well we got no choice,
all the girls and boys,
making all that noise,
cause they found new toys”.

Feeling surreal, last day of school, clearing out my room, I hear the above song being played out loud. Confused, i look outside and it’s my Irish colleagues dancing like rock song fanatics!

It hit home……..the holidays are finally here!

You know that dancing lady emoji? The one with the red dress. This one…   💃🏽 I’ve got a few moves I’m thinking of busting. 

No. Flippin. Way?!

”Schooooooooooools out for the summer,
schools out for ever (hah, i wish),
schools been blown to pieces (ok, that’s a bit dramatic)”.

We’ve got 15 mins before the clocks hit 2.30pm and i have about 30 mins to run home, get my daughter ready and pack last minute things, clear up and make sure all the AC’s are on, water pipes are off and washing machine door left open. i had a check list from the apartment manager. No time for a shower or a meal for me, every minute counts. We could have waited to travel back home to London the next day, after we rested a short while, but i wanted to make the most of every day i had.
I purposely booked a night flight so that my daughter would sleep throughout. I was naive. I could see the look on the faces of those sitting behind us, they weren’t too pleased a toddler was sat in front of them. She was already making a fuss as i make the awkward i’ve got this under control” face on. I was tempted to just give her my phone there and then, but i knew it was too soon. The plan was to save it for when she’s screaming her lungs out. Luckily, the couple behind us with the awkward smiles turned out to be lovely, they entertained her through the gaps between the chairs as they played hide and seek with her. She began to pass them her snacks. Raisins, mushy bananas, animals biscuits, cheese cubes. I kept apologising, but they were just lovely. We started a conversation about where we were off to, where we were from and what we did in the Emirates. Until everyone around us fell asleep and it was awkward to continue.

I’m going home.
I’m going home.
I’m finally going home.

London. I’ve missed you.
TfL i’ve missed you….. NOT.
Friends. I’ve missed you.
Family. I’ve missed you dearly.

Sleep. I dont think we’ve met.

I have plans for this summer.
I have so many plans.

So. Many.


London. I’m home.



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