20 random facts about me & teaching…

1. Teaching wasn’t part of my plans.

2. I only have 1 teacher role model (ASA). Although I have looked up to one other (E.K). I admired the way the students just knew what time it was when he walked in the classroom. Never needed to raise his voice, make his presence known or even give the stare. They just knew. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone work so hard as much as he did.

3. I’ve got close to a decade of teaching experience, yet I still get mistaken for being a student.

4. I’m very confident in my ability as a teacher. Quite cocky in fact lol

5. Sometimes I pretend I don’t know certain things that my students are all into. So I ask questions and watch them explain it to me with so much passion. I like allowing them to feel that they’ve taught me something new.

6. I’m either your favourite teacher or your worse teacher. Mostly favourite though.

7. I shouldn’t do it, but I use sarcasm a lot in the classroom.

8. I teach kids life lessons, not just equations.

9. I hate bullying with a passion. Bullies don’t excel in my presence.

10. I’m almost too passionate about what I do. If that’s at all possible.

11. My 1st day was one of the best days of my 20’s. I knew I was where I was meant to be.

12. I didn’t ever feel like I was going to belong somewhere professionally, until I stood in a classroom.

13. Responsibility is more than just a word to me.

14. I get butterflies before the start of every school year. Just like my 1st ever day.

15. Kids are much better company than adults!

16. Teaching taught me how important it is to show appreciation.

17. Parents evenings is the worse part about teaching. But can also be the best (when u finally get hold of the naughty kids mum).

18. Actually. The paper work is! I hate paperwork.

19. I’ve never genuinely contemplated leaving teaching. Although I’ve had better financial offers.

20. Part of why I love teaching is because I get holiday time with my family. Perfect for a parent.

21. People say teaching makes you a cryer. I honestly haven’t cried……yet.

22. #21 was a bonus and #22 was pointless.

Edit: Actually I just remembered I have cried (#21). Once. Not about my job, but about a student – when I found out what they had experienced in life.

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