UAE National Day 🇦🇪 

So, my daughter finally met my students last week during national day celebrations. It felt like I was introducing a very important person in my life to very important people in my life. I really wanted them to get along. You see, my daughter cares very little about most people that give her attention. She’s usually not phased by anyone that’s not a child. But, if you’re an adult, and you talk to her like a child with that squeaky voice, she’ll look at u like you’re 💩 and make u feel like it too.  

So as I walk hand in hand with my daughter. I see my older boy’s ahead of me. Hanging around outside the building. You know, like what “cool boys” do. Phones out, music playing loud and wireless head phones in their ears (oh, the irony). They see me approaching, and start cheering (they do that because they know it embarrasses me). Then they made a BIG fuss over finally meeting my princess. All of them asking for high 5’s, asking for her name, talking to her in Arabic, telling her they like her hair and outfit whilst she looked at them like they were crazy. Until…lo and behold. She smiled and gave one of them a high 5!! Then she touched his kandora (male emirati cultural wear which is a very sleek, long white gown) and said “oooh, nice dress” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 “this is not a dress habibti (sweetheart)” he told her. “Say kandora, habibti”, to which she responds, “nice dress.” 

All the boys were on the floor crying of laughter. Then one says, “Miss, she’s exactly like you with her funny one liners!” 

After that, she was treated like royalty. Taken to the bouncy castle with a fast track ticket also known as ‘we are the eldest boys in the school and we can do what we want’, no one was allowed to push passed or shove her. She had her own personal body guards. 7 of them! 

I’m so annoyed, I wish I took a picture. Just for memory’s sake. But I was so engulfed in what I saw, that I was taken aback by the following…

Whilst I just sat back and watched them take care of her like she was the princess of the day. Within minutes, I was in deep contemplation. Thinking about the daily impact I have on these young humans. Not quite, but almost 2 generations of minds that I must make a good impression on. I thought about how important my role was as a mother and teacher, and if I was doing both roles any justice. I thought about the teachers my daughter will soon have when she starts big school, and wondered whether I’d feel like my most precious jewel is being looked after. Then I thought about my students’ parents, and whether they felt content with how their child was being taught and taken care of whilst in my care. 

Then I thought about whether either role hindered the other. 

That thought alone makes my chest tight. 

Every so often, I bring myself back to reality and remind myself why I do what I do. 

I try to peal off all those layers of stress and get to the root of what gets me up in the cold mornings (well, not cold anymore, now that I’m in the UAE! But it sounded good) and all I could think of was…

Who will I benefit today?’

‘What good will I do today?’

‘Am I doing enough?’

‘What will be my legacy?’

‘How will I make an impact?’

That, and that alone is what makes juggling motherhood, wifehood, teacherhood and lifehood doable.

Here’s to making a difference in the world 🌎 

11 thoughts on “UAE National Day 🇦🇪 

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  1. Great post as always Nabila! It’s soo refreshing to know (to hope anyway) that teachers actually think deeply about their students the way you’ve described, I hope Layann has an educator like you 😊.
    Btw I’m not surprised that your daughter was treated like a princess, she’s a stunner mashaAllah ❤️❤️

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  2. Your students must have seen a bit of you in your daughter! So sweet! Once again, your post has made me contemplate on what our purpose is as educators and individuals and whether we are making the most of our opportunities.
    May Allah allow us to be those who benefit others and benefit from others and may Allah reward you for sharing this with us x

    Liked by 1 person

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