About me

Welcome to my world of blogging.

My name is Nabila, and I am a secondary school Maths teacher. My husband, daughter & I are originally from London, UK, we’re now living and working in sunny UAE.

I’m extremely passionate about teaching and wish that everyone knew how important my role as a teacher is. 

I love what I do, which makes me want to talk about it. 

I’m that person who posts Facebook status’ about my day.

I’m that person who comes home every day, with a new funny story to discuss over dinner.

I’m that person who then narrates these same stories when I catch up with each of my friends.

Naturally, blogging made sense. 

Through my blog, I intend on sharing my thoughts, experiences and hopes from my teaching life.

I hope whatever you read here entertains, inspires or at least makes you want to continue reading.


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