I’m never driving again!

I usually spend my afternoons catching up with my daughter. But yesterday evening, after our lovely afternoon nap, I decided to pop out for snacks that my colleague & I arranged to buy for our weekly Math meetings. To avoid wasting quality time, I decided to take my daughter. My personal chauffeur, oh sorry, I... Continue Reading →

Farewell London 💔

I'm not sure if it's supposed to get any easier. I mean, at the end of every summer, having to pack and say goodbye to family and friends. Like, "see you in a years time". Why is adulthood so difficult?! People have been doing this for centuries, I know. My parents did it and many... Continue Reading →

Excuse me. I’m leaving when?!

Rewind to one year ago. August 2016. The morning of my best friends wedding, we received a phone call from the agency confirming that all the visa process was complete and the job offer was official. That's exciting right? Nope. Because what came next meant that I felt like a tonne of bricks fell onto... Continue Reading →

Schools out for the summer! 🎼

''Well we got no choice, all the girls and boys, making all that noise, cause they found new toys''. Feeling surreal, last day of school, clearing out my room, I hear the above song being played out loud. Confused, i look outside and it's my Irish colleagues dancing like rock song fanatics! It hit home........the... Continue Reading →

 “Teachers just teach”

Nothing gets me more annoyed than hearing comments from 9-5 'sit at your desk all day, over paid & over weight' office workers about what a teacher does and doesn't do. This includes people whom are in all the different sectors, even in the education sector - basically, anyone that's not an actual teacher! (even... Continue Reading →

Teacher mum 

Fleeky eyebrows & B-O vs Smelly Nappies People always say they feel sorry for my kids. Apparently, teachers are the worse to have as parents - your kid gets no break. Excuse me??? I GET NO BREAK MORE LIKE?!! Now I’ve got way more experience in teaching teenagers than I have in being a mum... Continue Reading →

My 1st day as a qualified teacher

(FYI, this is the one of the few blog posts I’ve written in one sitting. Without much thought. Just raw memories and emotions. Unchanged. Unedited. Nothing added, missing or spiced up). *SCARED* I could finish the blog here, it would suffice. But i have so much more to say! Scared is an understatement! Teenagers can... Continue Reading →

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