School trip (not again!)

Being a mother didn’t change me. Unfortunately, I’ve always been an excessive worrier. So I knew what I’d be like as a mum and teacher. But this is different. Being responsible for kids on a school trip is by far one of the most worrying things. Anywhere outside the comfort of your school premises is... Continue Reading →

Sacrifices of an expat

Being an expat means a lot of things. Mostly, it means to sacrafice . To sacrifice time, family memories and important events. Today I'm missing the wedding of my bestfriend, sister, rideordie & everything in between @just_muns ❤️  Never would I have thought this would be the case. Ever! As I sit here in my... Continue Reading →

I’m never driving again!

I usually spend my afternoons catching up with my daughter. But yesterday evening, after our lovely afternoon nap, I decided to pop out for snacks that my colleague & I arranged to buy for our weekly Math meetings. To avoid wasting quality time, I decided to take my daughter. My personal chauffeur, oh sorry, I... Continue Reading →

Farewell London 💔

I'm not sure if it's supposed to get any easier. I mean, at the end of every summer, having to pack and say goodbye to family and friends. Like, "see you in a years time". Why is adulthood so difficult?! People have been doing this for centuries, I know. My parents did it and many... Continue Reading →

Excuse me. I’m leaving when?!

Rewind to one year ago. August 2016. The morning of my best friends wedding, we received a phone call from the agency confirming that all the visa process was complete and the job offer was official. That's exciting right? Nope. Because what came next meant that I felt like a tonne of bricks fell onto... Continue Reading →

Schools out for the summer! 🎼

''Well we got no choice, all the girls and boys, making all that noise, cause they found new toys''. Feeling surreal, last day of school, clearing out my room, I hear the above song being played out loud. Confused, i look outside and it's my Irish colleagues dancing like rock song fanatics! It hit home........the... Continue Reading →

 “Teachers just teach”

Nothing gets me more annoyed than hearing comments from 9-5 'sit at your desk all day, over paid & over weight' office workers about what a teacher does and doesn't do. This includes people whom are in all the different sectors, even in the education sector - basically, anyone that's not an actual teacher! (even... Continue Reading →

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